Zuls water systems

Our company namely Zuls water systems is in the market for the past 14 (Fourteen) years as specialist in bottled drinking water. We are proud to be a pioneer in the industry for Natural bottled drinking water of Sprout Brand Organic Natural Spring Water.

Our bottle water range include 500ml, 750ml 1000ml, 1500ml, 5000ml and 19lt

Water dispenser range include;
Table Top Room Temperature / Table Top Electronic / Free Stand Unit Electronic / Free Stand Unit Compressor and Industrial Type Hand Pump

Certification :

Our great challenge is quality as we have continued to pursue this goal with a passion from the inception.

Health Ministry Certification no: CFA/BW/09/2014-01 (issued for 03 years)
SLSI 894 Permit no: 592

Water is Clear, Light and Fresh

Sprout organic spring water is clear, light, fresh and is bottled at source from a spring located at the heart of the Knuckles mountain range.

This mountain range has been declared as a world funded International Union for Conservation of Nature (I.U.C.N) and protected nature forest reserve, which enables the spring to thrive sans pollution.

Quality and Hygienic Care

The product is processed with all the hygienic care and is strictly controlled whether in our laboratories or in the official laboratories i.e. the SLSI and ITI. When discerning exports we refer samples to "Bamber and Bruce" in the United Kingdom and SGS in Switzerland who have laboratories in Sri Lanka. As a policy we also purchase all our packing materials only from companies who comply with food grade certificates.

Source and the Factory

Sprout Branded organic natural spring water is unique in character and has a naturally balanced mineral content and PH Level only sent through a filtering process. Due to this fact the spring water is not altered from its original state either chemically or physically thus; classifying our spring water as a unique product.

The Factory is situated approximately 3400 feet above sea level and 180Km from Colombo. The unique character of this spring is its perpetual flow, which has continued uninterrupted for centuries.

Factory Location: Falcon Valley, Medamahanuwara, Hunnasgiriya, Sri Lanka.

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